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Workgroups. Extranet.
We ran an Extranet test for the 30 days of free access in order to produce a report on the usability of this feature. It's great, but bare in mind that at the end of the trial period anyone who only has access to the Extranet will be 'dismissed'.

This has caused us problems since we're having to use a workaround to get people reinstated who we'd asked to be part of the test. I think this should be made clear for those of us that have to go through a lengthy internal approval process. It runs the risk of irritating testers which in turn means that they're less willing to put their weight behind the implementation of the paid subscription version.
Tasks templates
We'd also like this feature. We're looking at implementing Bitrix24 across our organisation to enable staff to 'work smarter'.

'Working smarter' implies not having to duplicate a template over and over again especially when it has an enormous checklist!

So a big vote from us for this!
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