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how do you all handle accounting / billing
There seem to be lots of people on this forum asking questions about their running businesses... But I have a question for you... Since Bitrix doors not handle accounting, what all is everyone using to handle billing and payments with Bitrix CRM?

I guess the more appropriate question is: there are all sorts of accounting and billing solutions out there... How do you all integrate Bitrix into the actual payment and tracking of money in any automated way that does not have a huge amount of overhead/manual work?

Would love to switch back to Bitrix...but for accounting
I would be happy to give any feedback to help make Bitrix I said we switched away so we could have more of a complete solution for tracking money, but Bitrix is FAR better in all other aspects and we would love to switch back.

The easiest way is to track one unit of currency (for me it is the Dollar) and how it flows in a company.  A product is listed, then sold.  But the flow of money is more complex than that, there are costs for listing the product, costs of procuring it, and the company needs to know that the dollar that the customer said they would give to us, in fact did get to our checking account, etc.  Even if there were an integration into another accounting service on the net that was perfectly worked out, that would be fine, but I think that you/Bitrix has everything it needs to do this really well!
Would love to switch back to Bitrix...but for accounting
We started out using Bitrix, and think that the platform is really great...except for using it as a total solution for managing/knowing how money moves in our business.  Bitrix does not:

-have any sort of billing system (yes, there are invoices, but no way for Bitrix to manage/track payments against those invoices to see if they are closed/late/etc.)
-have any way of tracking the "cost" of doing business...If something that we sell for $10 costs us $8 to procure, Bitrix only shows a $10 profit...not at $2 profit

...and more along those lines...

I see a ton of people on this forum talking about their issues and delights with invoicing, etc......but for those of you who DO use Bitrix for CRM and invoicing and do you deal with these shortcoming of Bitrix around tight control of money-knowledge?  How do you handle accounting that does not resort to someone "knowing what to do" but rather, having a more automated workflow for money issues?  I mean there are LOTS of people using the CRM...but I cannot see how people use it, that does not integrate manual processes for the handling and reporting of how money transfers in a running business.

We would even purchase the software and run it on our own servers, but from other posts on this forum., the Bitrix admins have said that they are "looking into financial flow in a late 2014 release, if then"...and that is a real deal killer for us.

Anyone seeing problems adding "noon" events?
I have been having this problem since we started using Bitrix24.  If I add an event in my desktop client (Thunderbird/Lightning) that starts at noon on any given day, Lightning shows that event as ending the next day at midnight.


Add calendar event for 12noon on the 27th.  Lightning shows the event going from noon on the 27th to midnight on the 28th/29th (36 hours).  See attached screenshot

The calendar on Bitrix24 is correct, but _all_ of my other devices show what is above.

So, just to reiterate:  Thunderbird/Lightning shows it as the wrong time, my Android device shows it as the wrong time, the Mac calendar client shows it as the wrong time.....only logging in to Bitrix24 shows it as the right time.

On all of my computers, my timezone is set to: America_Los Angeles
My Bitrix account is also set manually to the same timezone.

Has anyone else seen this?  I post this because I put in a support request, but it was never resolved and I wanted to see if others were experiencing this.

Track expenses and Records Management / Lists
Hi all....can someone run down for me how one would use the Records Management / Lists function to track expenses in Bitrix24?  I see in some other posts that the suggestion for tracking expenses is to use the Lists, which is only available in the Professional version, and before I start paying per month just to use that feature, I want to make sure it would work for my business.

Essentially, the Deals in the CRM only track positive cash flow.  But, sometimes, for example, I have to use the services of an outside contractor which cost me money in order to close a deal.  Right now I have to manually subtract their fee from the Deal total, but then in the monthly reports it does not really show a true number.

Can someone explain to me how to associate something in a list with a specific CRM item?

If I could do that, I will happily upgrade to the Professional version, as it would give me a way of tracking expenses.

Or, a hack-way would be to allow negative value Products, then I could set up a -$1 fee for contractor's fees and just create 500 of them to equal -$500.

Track expenses associated with a product/deal
Thanks, Yana.....I guess I would say that the scenario refers to my original question.  The reporting function shows how much money we have taken in, but that does not tell the full story.  If taking in $10 cost us $7 and we only made $3 it would be nice to know that in the reporting function.

If you did not want to build a whole expense tracking module, here is a hack I would suggest:

-allow "negative" value products  (a products that costs -$10 for instance)
-have a flag for those products that would mark them as "internal", and not show up on invoices, etc.
-allow those negative values act as a minus function when running reports to give actual totals

Track expenses associated with a product/deal
Hi there any version of Bitrix24 cloud (non self hosted) that would allow me to track expenses and associate those expenses with a deal?

For instance, let's say I have a product that I sell for $10, but my cost for that product is $7.  If I run a report for the month, it only shows me the $10 price as revenue, but there is no way to tell how much profit I have made ($3).

This would also apply to having a contractor work on a task.  Right now, you can track that the contractor worked 3 hours on a task by running a report, but there is no way to account for those hours as a loss.....Birtix only counts positive cash numbers?

Taxing only some items
Hi in California only some items are taxed...physical goods are subject to sales tax, but things like teaching classes are not.  How can I set up the taxing system to tax some products, and others not?

If I use location-based taxing, then there is no option to "include tax" or "do not include tax" either taxes everything or nothing, based on the location.

If I set up to use item based taxing (VAT) it only allows me the option to set the END price.  When travelling in Europe for example this is how it works, you just pay the price posted and the tax is already built in.  But here in the US, the way the pricing works is:  price + tax added on later.  How can I do this for some products but not for others?
Errors on self to enable logging
I am having problems running/evaluating the self-hosted version of Bitrix24.  I keep getting error messages that tell me to enable error logging in .settings.php

I know where that file is, but I do not see any entry in that file that I can enable to turn on error reporting.  Can you tell me the string I should put in there to enable the reporting?  I can not do so from the Bitrix24 portal itself since I keep getting that error and no portal shows up.   (this only happens after updating the downloaded version to the latest version)

How to find or sort documents attached to a deal
Awesome, thanks!
How to find or sort documents attached to a deal
Yep, saw that you could save files in a folder for later use, but for the vast majority of my deals, I do not have need for storing them so that I need access to them later in some other place.  While a deal is in play, it is nice to see all files associated with that deal, but after the deal is closed, if we use your suggestion above, those files will hang around in that folder when they really aren't needed any more.  Folder storage, at least in my way of thinking, is only for longer term items...and IF a Deal needed longer term storage, there is already that functionality built in...but for short term Deals, it seems like that 'list all files in the Deal's Stream" functionality is the missing counterpart to that.
Simple time report on tasks rollup and time reporting
Ah, I think I found it.....under "Tasks" in my workspace, I can run a report of "Task Resource Tracking" and then that gives me the answer I was looking for.....awesome!
Simple time report on tasks rollup and time reporting
Hiya, Happy New Year!  :)

Quick question:  I am using the free version of Bitrix24.  I can create Tasks, and subtasks no problem.  I can add time spent manually to both the tasks and the subtasks also no problem.  My questions:

1)  Is there a way (or could I request a way), when looking at the main task, to see the aggregated time spent on the subtasks reported on the time tab?  Right now it only reports the main task time, but not any of the subtasks...but since subtasks are part of the main task, the main task, I think, should report out the total time spent on the task as a whole.

2) Is there a report I can run to show time spent on tasks, per person?  I am not looking for anything fancy in terms of time management, but since I work with contractors, I would like to say to Bitrix24, "Tell me how many hours PersonX reported they worked on tasks in the last two weeks" that I can pay them for that time worked.

How to find or sort documents attached to a deal
Hi all...just trying to figure out the workflow for document attachments in Bitrix24.....

How do people store documents?  If you attach them to a deal, then they are just in the stream of the deal, and it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for if there are many attachments.

Conversely, you can add those files to folders in Bitrix24, but then they are there forever, and you may not want to keep them after a deal is closed.

What I am looking for (I am a new user so it might be there), is a "Files" tab in any given Deal that lists all of the files uploaded to that specific deal.  Is there such functionality without moving all files to their own permanent folders?

Invoices - paypal or cash
Would love to have/test PayPal integration as well!
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