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No "Source Mode" in the HTML Based Email Editor?, I see loads of formatting options but no copy-paste in of html...
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
You cannot do that in the standard email templates, you can only used "ins ert code" option. But you can use our  [URL=]Marketplace apps[/URL] .


Hi Yana,

I do not see any kind of editing solution among those applications.

Mailchimp is [I]not[/I] a solution for this problem if that is what you are thinking. That is subscriber based and not an ad hoc solution, and it gets expensive very quickly.

Here's the problem - someone at Bitrix24 understands that granular editing of messages is important. How do I know this? Because there is a BBCode editor on the forum. With the BBCode editor, you can use code to format your message.

There are competent code editors in open source solutions like Joomla, Wordpress, and similar. With them, you have all of the standard editing controls, plus you can access the code itself. This is a really, really common feature in email related applications. Even my 10+ year old copy of Group Mail has it.

In the current editor on Bitrix24, it appears that if you want to have links, insertions or formatting, you must hand edit each one - and if you share the same information again and again, you have to do it again and again. Using that methodology, it increases the amount of time spent on replying to emails to customers to increase by an unknown amount of time. This is a basic infrastructural feature and directly affects the productivity of the customers who use your product.

If your concern is that it makes it possible for zombie accounts to be se t up under the free version model and then be used for bad purposes, then put the "Advanced Editor" into the lowest plan price.

For example, when I reach out to certain types of customers, I have a customized section of my message, but also include a section of informational links. The section of informational links is always the same. Lets take a look at replying to 20 of them for the first time:

- If I can copy-paste, it takes me about 3 minutes each. That is an hour of my time devoted to these kinds of replies.
- If I have to format and re-add links, that will take about five minutes per message (now 8 minutes per message)

20 x easy formatting = 1 hour of my time
20 x individual formatting = 2.667 hours of my time

Therefore, the lack of this feature has increased my costs by +160%. In some industries, an increase of that amount of time could easily mean it is not feasible to have direct customer interaction at all.

Productivity = saving money. Bitrix24 has very reasonably priced paid-for plans that are accessible to the SMB market. However this market is also among the most cost sensitive, especially if you are looking at the lucrative North American market. Your product marketing team should take into account because ultimately, it means customers who do this calculation will eventually conclude that they should migrate to another solution.
No "Source Mode" in the HTML Based Email Editor?, I see loads of formatting options but no copy-paste in of html...
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Lynn,

What exactly are you trying to copy paste? Email message text or html code? You can copy paste the message text.


I want to paste HTML and have it display as HTML as HTML mail.

I do not see a 'source' mode in the emailer.
No "Source Mode" in the HTML Based Email Editor?, I see loads of formatting options but no copy-paste in of html...
Given that there is complex formatting options in the tool bar for emails, it makes sense to me that I should be able to copy-paste in an HTML formatted message. Otherwise, Id be left with having to hand type in something new each and every message.

There doesn't seem to be a source tab or source button - am I missing it? How do I copy-paste in HTML?
Set Default Email to Use with Client, After Setting up Domain Mail, Bitrix24 doesn't use it for Emailing Clients
I just finished setting up domain email with the custom mx record. The sole reason for doing this is that mail that goes to the client in the CRM would originate from that email address. I set it up so others in the company can use it as well.

So I am in CRM > Contacts > on a contact, go down to the activity stream.

On the Stream tab, I click Email.

And it creates an email using NOT using the new DOMAIN based email address, but my admin email address.

I want to use my new DOMAIN based email address. How do I fix this?
Individual emails with own domain
Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Lynn,

Our support team will reply via the ticket asap. Please note that we didn't close the ticket, the system shows that is has been closed from your side - we haven't faced problems like this before, if the ticket will close itself again - please kindly report this to our support team. Thank you!


Thanks! I got my answer and now its set up :-)
Individual emails with own domain
I see this question comes up again and again. I have also sent a message to the Helpdesk, and can see that the ticket has been assigned to someone for many days with no reply. How about some help?

Please read my question and reply. The 32+ hours is long over.

And by the way - the ticket system doesn't work right. I had an open ticket 874339, but you closed it without giving me an answer. You didn't answer the question. Please open it and answer the question.
Edited: Lynn Fredricks - 03/10/2016 19:52:59
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