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Give access permission
Thanks for your reply,now I am success to solve the problem about the part time employee.

But why that part time employee cannot convert lead or junk lead when I set a role to him,that role set as just can read and add leads .
I change access denied to personal.
Give access permission
The employee is just an part time employee,but when he invite as an employee,he straight away inside My company:Employee groups,that is not a workgroup or department.
How do I exclude him from employee group or how do I find the employee group,I cannot find it at anywhere?
the picture below is the my company:employee what I mean

Give access permission
Hello!Thanks for answer my question about give access permission to employee.

But i still got another problem about this topic, that specific employee is invited as employee ,so this employee is in the employee group.
How do I exclude him from the employee group?I cannot change his employee identity to others identity, so he still in the employee group ,if i delete the employee group,other employees will be affected and cannot use the permission set in the employee group.
Give access permission
I would like to ask how do I only access a specific employee to only view leads but the employee is inside the employees groups and have the permissions of the manager role , but I don't want this particular employee to have manager permission , But to solely view leads.
Export data from contacts

I would like to ask how do I export all of the data from contacts,when i click export to CSV, it just export some of the customer data that show in page 1 in CRM only.
Mailchimp and Bitrix24 concurrent update
I would like to ask will mailchimp automatically update the contacts whenever I submit a new contact in Bitrix24.
Will the new contact be added into the mailchimp Emailer list ? or do I have to manually go and reupdate Mailchimp with the new contact information i entered in Bitrix24 . Please advise! Thanks!
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