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Time display incorrect
Hi Yana,
1) I am using self-hosted version
2) This is the list of all activities
3) I manually changed from 'AM' to 'PM'

The problem is it can‘t automatic display 'PM' on the list. I have to edit it manually.

Thank you.
Time display incorrect
The time displayed in the CRM is not right. Please see the attach image.

It only display 'AM' all the time.
How to solve this problem?

Thank you
Edited: Michael Wang - 05/02/2014 23:39:08
Bitrix24 self-hosted update problem.
Hi there,
When I update the module. I got lots of errors looks like this:[TABLE][TR][TD]Error: [UUGZA073] Failure occured while trying to access file "/controller/lang/ru/admin/controller_group_edit.php". [CL02] Cannot extract files from archive.[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]How could I make the update work?

Thank you
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