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Frustratingly annoying things about Bitrix which will stop at least three firms pursuing it further, default settings which create effective spam
Bitrix isnt created by Americans, or to spam you. Your shouldnt invite your grandmother and grandfather users to be connected to a social collaboration cloud if you dont want to introduce them to their notification controls which can easily remove email or site notifications for a range of task options.
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"Edit in MS Office Online" not connecting to Office 365, Redirect for Office login is for personal users, however our employees have company accounts
Trying to "Edit in MS Office Online" for files which have been uploaded to Bitrix Drive redirects to ask for passwords on the personal account users, however our employees have company accounts for MS Office 365 and is So when were trying to edit in MS online, it doesnt accept our MS Account when its going to @live. Our employees access their files and 365 accounts on I think there is a problem here because workgroups should be able to edit in MS online using their company MS 365 account, not just the personal @live account.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Thats all for now! I hope the suggestions could help!

[/QUOTE]Just a few more suggestions for calendar:

#1. Calendar view options.

1.1 Sun-Sat is default view, it would be great to set the start day to Monday or Tuesday, also removing some useless days in the calendar if the company is closed on certain days.

1.2 Time is set to 24 hour view by default. If we could set the time to begin at the beginning of the workday, and end at the end of the workday, it would save a lot of useless space, and details about the events or meetings could be more prominently displayed, more information could be readable without clicking or opening the event to see the details.

#2. Editing favorited calendars from the "My workspace calendar" I have subscribed to multiple calendars from different workgroups. Each workgroup already has it's own permissions for calendar editing... if those permissions are in the system already, it seems you should be able to edit your favorite calendars from the "my workspace" cal, but it is not possible. I must go to each workgroups, open each calendar and make different edits in different places.

#3. Integration with CRM. Adding contacts, lead, deals, to events on the calendar requires you to add them from the calendar, in the crm you can only creat a new meeting or activity.

For example: Our company schedules events every weekend to promote the product to clients who visit our location. From the CRM we can create/schedule new 10 meetings/events at the crm lead/contact page, but we cannot add leads/contacts to existing events on the calendar.

We would like to see events that can support multiple attendees, whom may be scheduled to join the event from the CRM pages.

Thank you always!
Custom Fields didnt save upon converting to Contacts
It would be worthwhile to have an option to for converted leads to change status optionally.

Example: Reporting on leads that were converted, it is useful to see at which status they were converted, but its more complicated after all converted leads status is changed. Some leads could be converted after 1st telemarketing call, 2nd telemarketing call, 3rd, after visit, or meeting , etc.
Custom Fields didnt save upon converting to Contacts
I think it is worth saying that custom leads fields can be converted to contacts if the custom field is a string or date, it seems to me so far that the bug is with custom lists that do not convert.
Custom Fields didnt save upon converting to Contacts
I find that some custom fields didnt save data when converting to contacts.. I have the following photos for example..

Here is the lead page, you can see that the custom field "MKT" and "Gender" have information saved.

Here is the convert leads page, and it seems all custom fields have been pushed to the "other" catagory at the bottom of the page, but the information from leads page wasnt saved upon conversion it defaults the custom field to "no"

It should be noted that the options for the custom fields for contacts and leads have been added in the custom field settings with matching data.

Second question*
After converting leads to contacts, the "status" field of the lead is automatically changed to the last available status. Thats a nice automated feature, but is it optional? The status of the lead in many cases didnt need to be changed just because it was converted to a contact. Also, the default setting upon conversion, to move the status to the last option, requires that the CRM admin absolutly assign the last status option as "converted lead" or somethign simmilar, then that may not be our actual workflow.

Thank you!
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Searching data in bitrix24, Non "CRM FILTER" search
Searching in Bitrix from the global search at the top of the page, with drop down suggestions is a fantastic feature to let you find that data spread out in different areas, but I have not been able to see it function in a few key areas.... for example:

Non English Characters: Contact names (non english) can be found through a filter search in the CRM filter, however contact names that are not in English cannot be found through the Top search or the CRM search.

Lead, Contact, Deal Phone Numbers: Again, could be found in the filtered search, but not in the top or crm search. However, employees phone numbers may be found from the top search.

Comments: Can be searched in filters, but not in top search

Ive uploaded some pictures to show more clearly, pleas elet me know if I'm doing somethign wrong..


Search for lead phone number in top search bar...

Search result for lead phone number in top search bar....

Search for lead phone number in (right side)CRM search field

Search result from (right side) CRM Search from lead phone number

Search for Chinese Name from lead, no result from top search field

English name brings drop down results fine....
Edited: Jacob Wilson - 02/19/2014 09:45:42
Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
Any update on this issue?

The Leads, Contacts, and Deals page need custom fields and views that can be globally administered.

Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Jacob,
[QUOTE]Question #1

Please follow [url=]here.[/url]
[QUOTE]Question # 2

I have added the google calendar to bitrix and I can see the events scheduled, but how can I share this calendar with the team or other employees? [/QUOTE] This option is not available yet, I've put your suggestion to our Dev team.
[QUOTE]Question # 3

In workgroup calendars, is there an option to import google calendars, because it seems that option is only available in my calendar in my "workspace". [/QUOTE]

Actually not yet. Now you can only configure your favorite calendars to the group calendar (for example your google calendar) - but it will be seen only to you. But we are aware of this feature necessaty and may add it soon. Can you please give more details of this scenario - so that we could understand better the way you need this to work? Thank you.



Limitations for calendars in bitrix seem to be the following:

1. Calendars made in "my workspace" cannot be shared with other team members.

2. You can only share calendars in bitrix that are created in "workgroups" Many calendars dont fit in a specific workgroup, and creating an new open workgroup just to create a sharable calendar seems highly inefficient and could quickly lead to cluttered useless workgroups.

3. Calendars cannot be added fr om webcal link. Only allowing google calendars to be imported is very restrictive, especially when almost any other crm with calendar functions will allow for standard webcal links.

4. Even if your calendar happens to be on google, you still cant share it with team members because you can only share calendars that were created in "workgroups", where imported calendars are not an option, and you can only import calendars from google in "my workspace", wh ere sharing is not an option.

5. Some events have an option to "add CRM items", which is great, but you cant add your leads or contacts from the crm, you literally have to leave your crm, go find the right calendar, find the right event they are invited to and then manually add them. It would be much more useful if you could schedule the CRM item to join an event from the lead  or contact page.

6. Recurring events should be able to make modifications for single occurrences. Such as a recurring weekly staff meeting, and due to the holiday or unexpected reasons, you can change one instance of the event (meeting time) without modifying all previous and following events (meeting times). Also, details often change in recurring events, such as different staff required to attend or different leads and contacts could be scheduled for a weekly recurring event, but as it is, recurring events can make no modifications on single occurrences without changing all other instances of the event.

7. It would be nice to share calendars with extranet users, who could also request to join events, could have credits that could be consumed for events, and such.

We are a private school and with class schedules, activities, class resources, appointment scheduling, recurring events with multiple students, you can see for many service based industry like us, communication in a system like bitrix social network is helpful, but limited functionality of sharing calendars hinders education, gyms, spa, salons, and many other small social business.

Thats all for now! I hope the suggestions could help!

By the way, I missed out on the cyber monday special offer you guys had, that was a fantastic deal! I hope education pricing could get some specials like that!

: )
Edited: Jacob Wilson - 01/10/2014 16:02:07
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Question #1

I see here the different ways to pull calendar data from google calendar, but what about webcal links from other calendar services....

I use for allowing clients to login to the calendar and schedule services and appointments, with great control and functionality that google calendar doesnt have, but like most popular calendar services, they provide the webcal link to publish for example:


How can I pull this webcal into my bitrix?

Question # 2

I have added the google calendar to bitrix and I can see the events scheduled, but how can I share this calendar with the team or other employees?

Question # 3

In workgroup calendars, is there an option to import google calendars, because it seems that option is only available in my calendar in my "workspace".

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