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lead interaction with my app
Hi Nico,

I had the same problem. What I did was create a business process that ran a php script.
On that php script I used cURL to send requests to my other app

Hope this helps,
Importing Products - price problems

How do we import products?
I've been using 'Information block import' to import products using CSVs, but I've not been able to Import the price, because there doesn't seem to be a 'Price' field to choose from the field list (although my custom fields do appear).

EDIT: Found one more issue: I can't seem to modify the prices after Importing (without prices) even though I can modify the prices of products added manualy.

Thank you in advance,
Edited: Andrew Mathew - 03/10/2016 21:01:50 (Found 1 more issue)
Custom List Field problems

I'm trying to create a custom list field for my companies with my own custom values, but when I 'Import as List' the values won't save.

As it says:
[QUOTE]Each line will become a list item. If an item value is not the same as the item title, specify it in square brackets before the title. For example: "[v1]Value 1".[/QUOTE]
So, for a country list field It would be:
[US]United States

and so on, but the values are being saved as numbers and not as US,ES,RU..

I need the values like this because I want to import companies fr om a CSV wh ere the country is like that.

Thanks, Andrew
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