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Carddav, Looking for a solution to sync crm contacts to my android phone / thunderbird / ....
Thank your for your quick reply. What I do not understand: You have mentioned a CardDAV api in the past and described ways of accessing it. Has this feature died, or what happened to it?

I hope we will have a proper API or a VCard Export in the near future. All Android applications are accessing the local phonebook for getting contact information. It would be great if you could also make a step into that direction.

Are you planning on integrating such a feature in the near future?
Carddav, Looking for a solution to sync crm contacts to my android phone / thunderbird / ....
Dear Bitrix-Community,

I've been trying to synchronize my CRM contacts via carddav (to Android, Thunderbird,...)

First of all, I think it's a bit strange that the Bitrix app does not offer the possibility to sync with the contacts on the phone. This would really have been a "low hanging fruit" and it would be useful to so many users.

I ended up installing a third party CardDav app. hoping that I could synchronize my contacts then. Unfortunately, non of the instructions available was working for me.

I used the URL of our bitrix ( and also tried all possible combinations with protocol (http,https) and port (1443). As credentials, I used my normal credentials to authenticate.

As non of these combinations worked, so I wrote a support ticket about five days ago. Unfortunately I have not received any reply yet. :/

What I would like to know is:

1. Is there any solution to sync contracts with Android and Thunderbird at all?

Exporting as CSV is not an option here as there are no data standards for the field definitions and you end up getting "gibberish" contacts only :)

2. If I use CardDav, what URL and credentials do I have to use? The ones I tried were not working.

3. Employees (Collegues) and Contact profiles look totally different. I do understand the obvious reasons why this is the case, but shouldn't be collegues (contact fields + x) ?

Bitrix is by far the best intranet / crm that I have seen so far. I hope I can find a solution for this.

Best regards,

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