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Repeating tasks, How do I set up repeating task
Hi Anna,

Thanks for so many of your great responses. This forum has been very helpful. You should make it more visible to users!

My request relates to the creation of recurring tasks:

Would you enable "recurring" to be an option even when simply editing a task, not just when creating that task for the first time? Sometimes I realize I need a task to be repeated every week/month, etc. AFTER I've already created it. You can keep the option in the same place (the "More" area), but please do turn it on under "edit task" mode.

Many thanks, again.
feature request key board short cuts
I would agree - is there any list of the keyboard shortcuts? For example, if I want to create a new task, I could hit 'option'+ T or something. Does that exist for Bitrix yet? Enjoying exploring the software. Thanks!
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