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Calendar Sharing, How to write a meeting schedule on others Calendar
Hi All,
we have just configured two shared calendars for two employees. Each one would like to write a meeting on the others calendars. Every user have created his own calendar and sets the other user with access "full access" permission or "edit calendars and events" permission.

The main issue for me is that I cannot write to the others calendars because when I try to ADD a new event I can sel ect ONLY my personal calendar without having the opportunity to select the my colleague's calendar.

I found a workaround to bypass temporary this trouble, create an event fr om left menu - events and inviting users but this means that cre ate   event on my calendar and the others one look at mine. My target is to create directly an event ONLY on calendar of other use as for example a secretary that must fix meetings for his manager.

May you help me ? anyone has the same issue ?

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