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High resolution, Desktop app not readable
I am using a 2880 x 1620 resulution.
The desktop app of Bitrix24 is almost not readable.
It is also the only software which is not scaling.

The screenshot is an example how small the tekst is compare to other items on my desktop.
Pictograms are at normal display by the way.

Not sure what will happen if you install this software on a 4K display.
Forward mails to template of choice
It is already possible to send a mail to create a task in my own account ( perfect! )

Is it also possible automaticly use a template on this task if it is created bij a email ?

Or even better, is it possible to choose with template must be used with predifined settings for such a task?
I want to use this to send this task to a workgroup of my choice with predifined settings within a template.
Edited: Jeroen Broekhuizen - 04/18/2016 21:20:15
Availability Dutch language
Dear Yana,

Dutch language would be great in bitrix24 online.
So, +1 for the dutch translation.
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