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Is Bitrix24 Desktop infecting with P2.dntrax .com ?
Well I just figured out my computer is infected.

I have a new company laptop (1week old). Only installed office, ESET Antivirus, skype, firefox, spotify and acrobat reader from oficial websites.
Have been working for a week without instaling anything else and never had any trouble.

Today I instaled Bitrix24 and  uninstaled after I checked I didn't need the desktop version. After a few minutes my browser starts redirecting to advertisement pages.
Got Spybot and found out that I had P2.dntrax .com.

Found out this online:
"P2.dntrax .com is a nasty browser  redirect that aims to generate internet traffic for specific websites  and increase website rank. It usually comes into users' PC via free  downloads from online resources"

I could though get it from a malicious pop-up, but checked my history and only been to government/oficial bodies websites and Bitrix24.

So I wonder, was bitrix that infected me ?
Did I miss to uncheck some box in the install ?

Printing Gantt

I just started and was considering using Bitrix24 in my company.
Although I stopped my test when I couldn't print the Gantt chart.

I've also googled and found out that there are very old (2014) requests for this feature. In my opinion this issue should already been resolved.

You have to understand that not everyone uses bitrix (specially most of our clients, who simply just don't care). And we as Project Managers (or Super project managers) and service providers have to deliver them a nice Gantt Chart (stand alone or included in a report) so they can have the strait forward idea.

Think about that and please let me know when this feature is available, because I see many other features I like in Bitrix24.


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are already using Bitrix24