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Automated email on lead creation problems
Hi Tez, I'm not sure what could be causing that duplicate lead being created. I presume we are still talking about leads which have been imported from a csv. Please put in a ticket in the support desk and make it clear when the leads appear (immediately on import with the properly imported ones?)  Please also mention all business process you have that are active when a lead is created or modified - that is, launching automatically.
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Unfortunately, we do not know when we will expand to multiple fields for address items, so I certainly can't speculate on how it will be done. If some address data is critical, such what Angelica mentioned, I would suggest creating custom fields, since filtering and search by custom fields is supported.  Not optimal, I realize.
Features: Better Microsoft Integration (, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8)
Thanks Jason - it's very good to get a view of market professionals. On the whole, we do not get much demand for intense MS integration as you describe, There might be a chicken-and-egg problem here, in that we don't have this, so people looking for it move on without asking.[B] I hope that others who want this will make a brief comment[/B] in this thread. BTW, calendars is probably going to happen.
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
I understand your concerns. There were several bugs that produced similar effects, some concerned with browser handling and some with timezones. Combined, they do indeed make it seem like it's taken us a long time to react. We are developing the product and bug-killing rapidly, and we are coming out of beta very soon, so this issue is much more of an exception than a rule.
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
Days.  The solution already has been created and is in final testing.
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
The Event is appearing the day before, but then, if you navigate away and come back, it appears correctly, and it does appear correctly when viewed by other users.  This is a problem, indeed, but the event itself is not actually being stored in the wrong day, it is only showing up on the wrong day immediately after creation, and then showing up properly after that. It is being worked on.
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