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Goal measurement for Open channel Chat Message in Google Analytics, Any idea how to measure live chat messages event actions to set up as goals in google adwords, analytics and tag manager?

We are trying to setup goals for our adword campaign and on google analytics for goal conversion when a user successfully start a chat conversation, enter email address / name / finish the conversation.

We know we can track the actions if the user use forms. BUT we need to track the events that happen on chat. Any one is able to advise on the events action that we can track in this ?
Integration Bitrix24 and Zapier

We noticed that the integration stopped working? We no longer able to create a lead into bitrix through zapier..Please advise.
Integration Bitrix24 and Zapier

We have tried your integration. Creating a new lead works fine however if the lead already exist, its causing problems. Ideally it should update the lead details.

The other point. We tried the search for lead option, we always get an error regardless if the lead exist or not.

Finally , is ther a way to create an activity under a lead? we need to create a task / log a call under exiting lead that show activity on our system for example to get the sales guy to call them.

Thank you for your excellent work. This integration is needed...
Case management in the future?, Bitrix evolution...
Add our vote to this. We desperately need it on Cloud Standard
Can your help us to import products
Do we have any update on this one?

I remember in several posts it was mentioned that is planned to be done by end of 2014 . If not, when is it anticipated to be completed?
Can I invoice a customer in a foreign currency?, what do the different currencies actually do in Bitrix24 and how I can use them
We have an international sales team in four different countries. The invoicing is done to the local currency so each deal or company effectively need to have different invoicing currency. I noticed in this discussion that this will be marked to be done. Any ideas when? Its very crucial.
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