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Wiki & Content Management
I have purchased Bitrix for my company but am holding of implementing until some functions improve. The wiki is one of the functions which (as this post suggests) needs a major improvement. I would like to add some details:
[*]A more powerful visual editor for the wiki including: 1. Tab key indents bullets in lists (ordered and unordered). 2. More powerful tables with ability to add rows and columns to existing tables. 3. An Undo and Redo button with a stack of at least 5 previous actions. 4. Ability to paste an image from the clipboard and have the image uploaded automatically and then displayed at the cursor. 5. All functions work in IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera browsers. 6. Widget for inline video insertion/playing. 7. Checkbox list style which can be inserted in text or in a table cell so that readers of the post can check the items as done/completed/agreed. 8. Checkbox list items which do not disappear when they are checked (as they do today in the task checklist object.)

[*]Essentially the same visual editor and the same format of toolbar used for creating wiki pages and creating messages and other multi-line, multi-media objects across Bitrix so that the dialog is the same in any part of the system.

[/LIST]The above items are not exotic. We have them today in Confluence and many other wiki/note-taking apps.
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