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Company Data Missing, Company Data Missing
Thanks Yana this does make sense now.
1) Can you please confirm is this limitation only on the Free Bitrix or does it apply to the paid versions also
2) Does the limitation also apply to leads/deals sections
Company Data Missing, Company Data Missing
Thanks Yana, I can confirm that all 61k customers data uploaded. My current view is 20 companies per page and 250 pages therefore only 5000 in view, I changed the view to 200 companies per page and this showed 25 pages therefore still only showing 5000 customers. Also when I try to export the companies the system hangs and error

[TABLE][TR][TD][IMG] [/TD][TD]The website cannot display the page[/TD][/TR][TR] [TD] HTTP 500

[/TD][/TR] [TR][TD] [/TD][TD]Most likely causes:[LIST][*]The website is under maintenance.[*]The website has a programming error.
Company Data Missing, Company Data Missing
I have uploaded approx 61k customers data into the Free version of Bitrix24, and noticed today that there are only 5k customers data available to view. I have checked all the possible filters to ensure that they are unticked and also searched the blogs to check if there is a limit and the answer is no. Also only 2 staff members have access to delete information and I don't believe they have been manually deleted. Please advise why this has happened and can the data be restored.
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