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Push notifications for reminders
Hi Yana,

Is this feature in the pipeline to have available in the near future?
I noticed that the bitrix calendar sync to outlook 2013 calendar doesn't seem to be reliable and sales staff could potentially miss meetings and reminders.
I have the bitrix calendar showing as a second calendar in outlook and new meetings scheduled through bitrix dont seem to carry across. If these feature worked flawlessly, atleast the staff could get the reminders via the mobile email/calendar client until the push feature to mobile became available.
Push notifications for reminders

We are trialing the cloud version of bitrix and I noticed in the desktop client settings, that the setting to receive a push notification for calendar events is greyed-out.
Is this because it is the free version of bitrix? I would really to be able to 'tick' this option. See screenshot attached.
As most people would have this app installed to their smartphones and not always in front of a computer, this feature would be essential.

Extending Purchase Request BP

We are trialing this software for our organization and so far, it meets the requirements the business needs.
I just wanted to know, with the purchase request business process (cloud version), I wanted to extend it so ideally:

[*]I would like to add a field to the default PR BP which is vendor, where it selects a company fr om the CRM (drop-down menu or type to search) Is this possible?

[*]The Purchase Request is submitted > then approved.
[*]Once approved, it returns to the requestor, with a status of "awaiting invoice"
[*]Once the work is carried out and the vendor submits their invoice, the requester can attach the invoice to the original PR, wh ere the process gets routed to an accounts staff member to pay it, with a status change to "ready to pay"
[*]Accounts staff member pays the invoice and status changes to "payment complete".
[/LIST]Is this possible and do you have any suggestions or tips on how i can achieve this?

Restrict access to "Announcements" in the Activity Stream

Is this something that can be forwarded to the product team or dev team. Potentially, any exiting user of the business can create discriminatory company wide announcements if they wanted to on departure. Even if a permission could be setup that general users can only set announcements to their group, in stead of All Employees
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