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Companies and Company details are confusing
Yes of course; I reseted many times. And i use the cloud version.
Companies and Company details are confusing
There is no ADRESS field in a company edit page.
I need to Add a subsidiary and then add an adress.

A simpler workflow would be to let users add a 1st PER DEFAULT address.  And then put a button to Add a new company entity if we want to. It would be so much easier....
Companies and Company details are confusing
That's weird. Your UI doesn't look like mine.
Maybe because we use Bitrix24 since many years and we have some legacy fields ?
I don't know how you manage to get adress fields directly in the EDIT view (without going to the tabs).

Also when I go to COMPANY custom fields. I have none (see image below).
Edited: Thibault Viguier - 05/29/2017 16:10:12
Companies and Company details are confusing

When I do Bitrix Training to my new employees, they always get confused in the Company Section.

There are many reasons.

The first one is that when creating/editing a deal/lead/invoices/quotes, the COMPANY/CONTACT selector[B] [/B]looks like a link, and not a selector. New employees find it confusing because they are used to consider BLEU UNDERLINE as links (and not as selectors).

[B]The second and more important problem[/B] is the fact that you need to add a company inside a company to add an address.

In fact, when creating a company, you need to folow this steps :
1. Create the Company and give it a name
2. Edit this new company and find the tabs at the bottom
3. clic on the "COMPANY DETAILS" tab (at this point, they are confused already)
4. clic the Add new : company link that is a very little link, and quite hard to find. A big button would be easier.
5. Repeat the Company Name a second time in the Name field
6. Repeat the Company Name a THIRD time in the Company details values
7. Clic on the Add : Street Address link
8. FINALLY enter the adress.

Would'nt it be easier if default company details value could be access directly in the company edit view ? And in the case of subsidiaries that need to add a new entity, we had a single button to add subsidiary addresses. I think you shouldn't use the TBAS for this, because tabs are not very accessibles.

Thank you for reading and keep up the good work ;)

Very Annoying non-intuitive beh * avior : hide / show / add fields

We use Bitrix24 since a few years and we want to tell you how great it is.

However, there is a very frustrating non-intuitive thing that ALL my employees does because. Every month I have to remind them of not doing that, but it sticks around because the UI is not intuitive in this way.

Its in the VIEW panel of deals/leads/companies/invoices/quotes...

When you put your cursor near to any custom field value, you see a CROSS appearing. Standard WEB behavior suggests that this cross purpose should be to remove the value. But in bitrix it has a strange meaning. It meands that the user chooses to hide the field. My teams always make the mistake because in there mind : CROSS = REMOVE VALUE.

But anyway, I find that weird that any employee has got the RIGHT to change the display of custom field, and add/remove them. I think It would be easier for everyone if a department admin could set-up a custom display of fields (hide / show what the team needs), and then the employees could only see the fields they have privilege to. The teams could NOT hide/show other fields, and you could make that annoying CROSS go away.

What do you think of this ?

Best regards

And thank you for everything you do, which is great by the way ;) I recommend yuour product to everyone I know in France.
Invoice pdf and printing missing data, Missing fields on invoice pdf view
All our invoices are BROKEN since several weeks. There is apparently a problem that Bitrix doesn't manage to solve. But our company is not able to issue invoice at all since several weeks now.
Wrong Invoice # on PDF (after Bitrix24 suddenly reset all my PDF invoice settings)
Hello Dear bitrix24 team and users.
This morning I discovered that all my INVOICES template was gone. I made my template by customizing the Payment System. All my configuration was suddenly lost and I had to make it all over again.
But there is another problem remaining is that the Invoice Number is printed wrongly on the PDF inoice.
My BITRIX invoice numbering system is the date followed by a slash (/) and the invoice number for this day. For exemple, my third invoice of today would be 26022016 / 3.
But When I print the invoice on PDF, it adds a trailing "/1" to every invoices. And I get for the same example : 26022016 / 3/1.

This is very weird.
Do you guys have the same problem ?
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
Nice one ! Thank you support team ! Long live bitrix24 ;)
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
Considering this topic has been seen 800 times, I guess we are many experiencing this issue. It's one of the most seen mesage these last days on the forum.

Bitrix team should be concerned but like you I don't understand why there is still no fixes.
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
Hello Patrick,

I confirm this is a global problem since I experience the same problem since 2 weeks now... I also get answers from the support that they are fixing the issue but nothing happened so far.

This is a huge problem for our sales department because they simply cannot issue invoices and our client need their invoices.

I hope it will be fixed soon and wil keep you updated here  as soon as I know something.

VAT calculation is broken
Ps : VAT calculating works fine when acreating a DEAL. It's only when the invoice is created that the VAT calculation is broken and does not appear after saving the invoice.
VAT calculation is broken

Since a few days, when we create an invoice, VAT is calculated and appears in the invoice editing page, but after clicking the "SAVE" button, VAT does not appear anymore in the invoice view page or in the downloaded PDF version.

We have a 20% VAT rates attached to our country and we did delected our country in the invoice editing form.

This bug appeared suddenly a few days ago when everything was working fine for months ;)

I'm sure you Bitrix team will find the issue and will resolve it ;)

Thank you for this great software and keep the good work up !
Taxes should not be automatically added to deals income (amount)
When we first started to use bitrix24 1 year ago, we liked the fact that you could add products to a deal, and bitrix calculated the total amount, and if taxes applied would add the taxes to the later invoice.

At the time, when you saved your deal with a said $100 product (and a 20% VAT Tax), the total amount of the deal (income field) was set to $100, because this is ultimately the money the company will get.

But now, when you create a new deal, the amount saved in the income field is $120, which the amount of the products + taxes. This is I think a wrong behaviour since it does not reflect the real income for the company becuase only $100 is earned... the other $20 is a taw going to the state. Then, when I generate a report or go to my funnel, it gives me the total amount of sales I made including taxes, which (for any business) is a useless value. What we really care about is our total income without taxes.  so please could you provide an option in TAXES SETTINGS to allow your users to choose if they want their deal incomes to be calculated with or without taxes.  that would be I'm sure a great improvment for Bitrix24.   Thank you very much and keep the good work.
Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window

The most frustrating thing for me is that we don't have notifications of bouncing e-mails because the return-path specified by bitrix in outgoing emails is It would be nice if we could get a notification of bouncing emails.

The best way would be for Bitrix to let us choose our own smtp server ? Don't you think ?
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