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How to write comment under a specific Contact
Oh btw, to the development team of this wonderful application, I would like to really really express my sincere appreciation and thanks for making this such great application available for use.

This is a great tool for small companies like ours and we are definitely going to stick to this once we grow bigger and hit the threshold of the free package.
How to write comment under a specific Contact
The reason I am asking is because I do put all the email address into the contact and I wouldn't want the actual contact to receive whatever stuff I have been typing into the Message.
How to write comment under a specific Contact
I could see that there is this thing called comment when creating a contact but the field is somehow inactive after a contact has already been created. I can see there is Stream where we can send message but I am not sure what it means.

Does it mean that when I am writing whatever things under that particular Message, it means all the messages are going to be sent to the actual contact ? Appreciated if someone could clarify on it. Thanks a lot !
Workgroups -> List -> Business Process (Looking for Time Tracking Feature), In a nutshell, we want the system to do some kind of monitoring or time tracking and send notification to us when the time is due
Hi Team,

First of all, great work. We are testing this tool out for our new startup and definitely see a lot of potential to upgrade our plan as we grow. As we are playing around, now we are a bit stuck in Business Process.

The idea behind what we are trying to accomplish it, when we have a new client, we have this form or LIST (as bitrix24 term) in a particular workgroup. When a new client is signed up for our specific contract, we add that client information into the system via LIST. So, NEW CLIENT -> ADDED VIA A LIST. The client contract is valid for let's say 30 days. So, first off what we do is add "DELAYED EXECUTION" and specify 30 days then notify us about the expiration of the contract. So far so good.

Here is the problem. Our client wants to extend their contract again, so now we need to add 30 more days. We cannot create and add a new record on this too, since there are some information will be changing in the prior 30 days period. Since "DELAYED EXECUTION" work only for the NEW client, we are a bit stuck on the renewal of our clients' contract case. Appreciated if someone could give me some pointers on this.

Thanks all !
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