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CRM integration with external DBs
Hi Anna

Thanks for your reply.

I note that it is not only Leads that can be imported though you may wish to edit / update your post at:
Where you say "The REST API can be used to import leads to CRM only"

However you miss my point.
As a temporary solution to not being able (currently) to connect to exteranal DB's I suggested the ability to UPDATE dat avia import.

UPDATE means to be able add data to or edit data in - an existing record.

I tried your solution to update 'testlead2' by including a Middle name and Mobile number.

I now have 2 records named testlead2 - not a good situation.

Back to my original suggestion.

It would be so so easy to amend the API and the Import procedure to allow update of existing data.

If the data being imported via the API or import CSV included an existing key field then the new data awould UPDATE the existing record, if the key field did not match an existing record then - add a new record.

Your example import file even has the key field ID included.

I think for many people the inability to link to external data is 'a deal breaker' - the ability to UPDATE data via API or import would be a big help as a short term solution and so easy to implement.

Can you make this happen?

I think Britix24 has so much potetial and I would intend to subscribe to a paid plan but until I know I can integrate with external data or at least UPDATE existing data via API and import I will be looking elsewhere.

Thanks Colin K
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