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Quotes - Can't see the funnel or any graphs based on quote stages, After defining a few stages for my quotes, can't create a funnel.
Hello all, I've defined a few stages for my quotes but can't see how to use these like we do with deals ... funnel, graphs, analytics. Can anybody help?
Edited: Jose Rodrigues - 08/16/2016 13:10:28
Can't search custom fields
[QUOTE]chronis tzerefos wrote:

thanks for that. it solves part of the problem.

it would be helpful though, if custom fields were searchable though the top level search function of the portal (the one at the top of the page.

Hi Yana,

I'm having the same need to search all the info stored in bitrix24 for a company name or person ... and through filters it doesn't realy work. The ideal would be the featured top search box find everyting with words being searched.

Many thanks for bitrix and you can make it even better with all the great suggestions from this forum. Most of the needs seem pretty much similar from different parts of the world.


Edited: Jose Rodrigues - 08/15/2016 13:30:25
New Activity Types (or show "Information" History item on Activity Tab) in CRM, CRM Feature Request
Agreed ... is there a way the activity tab to show all that intead of moving between tabs?
Deal Custom Field with Bind to CRM Elements, Issue deleting content once a value has been selected and saved.
Resolved. Although it is not visible if I click on the right side of the fiedl it clears the exiting value.
Deal, Lead, Quote Input or Edit Screens, How to lock once the template has been defined?

I'm trying to understand if we can lock the Input and Edit screens for Deal, Lead and Quote. I've re-arranged the way I want each screen to appear to the users and don't want them to change this. Is this possible? How?

A second question is with fields "Commencement Date" and "Assumed Close Date" can't make them visible during the creation or edit of a Deal ... but they appear when viewing the deal on the top section. Can they be made visible for input when creating a new deal or we edit an exisitng one?

Thanks, José
Deal Custom Field with Bind to CRM Elements, Issue deleting content once a value has been selected and saved.
I have created a Deal custom field with a bind to CRM Elements that is a selection from the available Company database. Once I have populated the field and saved with a value (within a deal) I don't seem to be able to give it again a null value (delete the actual content and leave it empty).
Can anybody help?
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