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Lists on pages in Bitrix24
Is there a way to set the number of line items you can see on a page ( typically a drop down list (20, 40, 100, 200, all )) . 20 visible line items in not really practical in many instances.

For example in events, I want to see what has happened on the system today. I have to page through to see all events.

Business Processes, How to utilize Business Processes Functionality
I am having problems understanding how to utilize the Business Processes functionality. For example, can I use this to auto assign incoming leads to a person? What other practical uses are there for this functionality? It seems powerful but I am lost.

Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
We just created a custom field (lead type) that appears on leads and deals. Is there a way to do a bulk upd ate to se t this value on a group of records at one time?
Exporting Leads, Exporting Leads with activity
Is there a way to export leads with activities so we can be sure we have all the activities on a given lead for the purpose of a data backup?
Exporting Leads including a custom field, How to include a custom field in export
Perfect. Thank you.
Exporting Leads including a custom field, How to include a custom field in export
I want to export my leads and I need to include a custom field I created in the export so I can classify the lead type. The custom field is what I will sort the exported data by in Excel.
When to start as a Lead vs a Contact, Procedure process question
We are new to CRM for leads so this is a basic procedural question my sales person asked me which I could not answer. I was hoping you could guide us on this.

1.) When I enter a lead, if it turns out to be a lead that says "now is not the time, contact me in 3 months", should she leave them in a lead status or convert them into a contact / company?

2.) If I know someone I spoke with is interested in getting more information on our product, can I just start them off as a deal? In other words can the lead step be skipped sometimes?

Thanks (and we are loving this software!)
Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24
Thank you for your answer. I did get it figured out this weekend after plating with it a seeing what it was doing.

It is a little confusing in that when you reply in the CRM by email, you always see the first correspondence, not a logical trail of inbound response and outbound response. There is a list of emails so with a little knowledge of the system you can figure out what has been said.

Thanks for your help.

One more thing - how do I post a question to the forum. I do not see anywhere to start a topic - just a button to reply to an existing thread.
Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24
As a follow-up to my last post about email, I wanted to communicate our setup and what is happening. We have a sales@ email set for the CRM. In my personal Email Integration Option I setup my company email. When I look at the Email Integration setting i see "SUCCESS" and how long ago it was connected to. I also see a copy of an email sent to me at my company email address in the lead section. So I see it is checking that email and in some cases adding it as a lead.

I am just not sure when and under what circumstances this happens. It is obviously not adding all my emails as leads. The only reason I can guess the one I am seeing was added is because that person is in our company.

Can you explain this to me. If the document you referenced earlier explains it I don't understand it then.

Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24
I have read this page before and I do not see where it answers my question. I see that any email send from the CRM will be in the cdm attached to an object as will any reply providing the messing id is in the message body.

What I am trying to grasp is sales people using their individual emails.

Scenario #1:
I am a sales person, I meet someone and hand them my business card. My email address is not that of the CRM. Correspondence starts but it is now outside the CRM.

Scenario #2:
I start a correspondence in the CRM, this lead turns into a deal. I meet with that person and they now have my card and they start to email me at my business email address which is not the same as the CRM;'s email address. Now my correspondences are outside the CRM.

How are these likely situations handled?

Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24

I also have a question about email. I would have started a new post but I do not see a way to make a post - how is this done.

I am new to Bitrix and CRM and a little confused by the process of using a CRM with emails (the CRM email and the sales person's email). We are a small company with one sales person but I want all the email interactions to be in the CRM for transparency reasons and to monitor productivity of the salesperson.

If we have an email address like for the CRM but our sales person(s) have their own emails like how does this all work.

This may seem like a stupid question because I know this software works for large sales forces with many sales persons.

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