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How to manually assign an email to a lead or contact, An email is sitting in my Yandex inbox, because it has not been automatically assigned to a lead. How do I assign it manually?
Hi Yana,

I am having a similar issue here, except we don't use leads.  We're finding that Bitrix24 will randomly decide not to attach an email to a contact or deal!  Anyway, my main question is regarding emails that are not attached and we need to attach them to a Bitrix record.  I re-forwarded the email to myself and assumed that for a deal, we would put DID#56 for deal 56 in the subject field.  Is this right?  If not, can you advise please?
Custom fields and file uploads in mobile app

I have a custom field, which allows the user to select multiple (tick list) options.  In the app, the field shows but the data result just says "array", when you open the record up within the app, the field is not shown at all.  Does the app not support this type of field?

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