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Sent emails going to SPAM, sending from email templates within Bitrix24

[B]Problem 1
[/B] After changing my Yandex password, emails I send from Bitrix24 are sending fine, but a copy is not appearing in my Yandex folder. How do I fix this? (Email sent directly from Yandex all work correctly.
How do get Birtrix24 to add an email copy into the Yandex inbox folder?

[B]Problem 2[/B]
Every day my spam rating is poor because I need to add a new IP to my SPF record.  What are the Bitrix24 sending server IP's.  So I can enter them all in my SPF record?

Your help will really be appreciated.

Many thanks,  Christine
Email Template with a clickable image, How do I create a clickable image link in an Bitrix24 email template
I need to create an email template that includes a clickable thumbnail link to our YouTube video.

I have uploaded the thumbnail image, so that displays OK in the email template.

How to I then make that image clickable?  In a way that Bitrix24 templates understand?  Normal HTML code doesn't work.

How to manually assign an email to a lead or contact, An email is sitting in my Yandex inbox, because it has not been automatically assigned to a lead. How do I assign it manually?
Yana Hi,

If I have understood you correctly, I forward an email sitting in the yandex incoming email box, to the same incoming email address, but I add for example :  [LID#10]  to a the email title.

Then when I go to the Lead record #10 I will see the email in the Stream.

If that is correct, it is not working.  What am I doing wrong?

Regards,  CHris
Live chat, Live chat
Thank you, I will investigate Chatra.

I started using Tidio Chat which seems really good.  It integrates with ZOHO and many other CRM's.  Why not with Bitrix24?

I hope Chatra is good, so I don't have to choose between an inferior Chat system that links to Bitrix, and a good chat system that does not.

Comparing the Chatra features – Free vs Paid.  It says 'Webhooks' are only available in the paid for version.  
Does that mean the Free version of Chatra will not integrate with Bitrix?

Edited: Christine Lasham - 08/21/2016 13:01:53 (error)
Live chat, Live chat
19 months later, are there any updates on this:
A plugin for Wordpress live chat that is integrated with Bitrix24

If not, are there any plugins available, or planned, to link a Bitrix24 user's website to their CRM?

Thanks, Chris
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