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New chat feature - Push notifications in the app?
New chat is great. The problem is, that if i'm not in front of the PC, the client will get upset after not receiving an answer. Can you implement the functionality to answer chat messages via your app?
Invoice number increase by 2, INV28, INV30, INV32...
Anyone has any idea why invoices are generating in following sequence - INV28, INV30, INV32, and skip 29, 31?
Email signature while sending the generated invoice, Is it possible?
Is it possible to include my email signature while sending the generated invoice to the client? It feels empty and somewhat rude without it, and it's quite annoying to add it manually each time.
Contacts field not showing up on Company page, Even though it is enabled, not hidden and there is a contact connected with the company, the contact field does not show.
Same here! Any advice?
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