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Automatically emptying recycling bins
Yuliya Bedrosova wrote:
Jonah Swersey , If you have an algorithm, according to which certain documents need to be removed, it is possible to program business process or application for the implementation of this algorithm.
More or less, all I want is that whenever a file is placed in the recycling bin, the system waits a week or so, then deletes it permanently. I'm trying to get into business processes, but it is a bit complex.  
Automatically emptying recycling bins
Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Jonah,

You can use option delete irreversibly instead of moving files to the recycle bin. Unfortunately no other options are available.


Is that what the "delete document" process does in Business Processes?  
Automatically emptying recycling bins
In our company, we have a large number of groups that work with a large number of very disposable documents. This is starting to become a problem, and going through it by hand seems like a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. Is there any good way to tell Bitrix to empty all the recycling bins at the end of the month? Or, failing that, any good way to force it to call the "empty recycling bin" function from within a business process?

Trying to Share Folder With Entire Company

We're trying to share a folder of documents with everyone in our company, and we can't quite figure out how to do that, short of clicking "share folder" and then listing off every member of our company (which is not really a good option). Anyone have any advice?
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