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Mobile Device Calendar Sync Problems, Company Calendar won't sync with employee mobile devices.
Please help me to get my Company Calendar to sync with my employee mobile devices.  All of my employees are complaining the only events they can see on their mobile app calendar are the events they enter into their own calendars.  The Company Calendar events are not showing up on employee calendar views on the Bitrix24 mobile app.  I tried to follow the directions to connect the Company Calendar externally but so far I've had no luck.  When logged in to Bitrix24 I open my personal calendar and enter an event.  The only choice I have for which Calendar to post the event too is my own personal Calendar.  When I open the Company Calendar and Add an event I only have the Company Calendar as the only choice of calendar that I can post the event.  Regardless of where I post an event, the only events that show up on my Bitrix24 Mobile App are the events I enter in my personal calendar.  I don't understand how to get the Company Calendar events to show up on my Android Bitrix24 mobile app.  On my Bitrix24 site when I click settings for my Company Calendar I don't see the option of: Configure external calendars(CalDAV).  I only have the option when configuring my personal calendar. This problem is happening with both Android and Apple phones for my employees.  I don't understand this portion of the Bitrix24 instructions for the Company Calendar because when I click "Add" I don't have the option of "External caldendar (CalDav) in the menu":
[*]Select Calendar > Add > External calendar (CalDav) in the menu.
[*]Follow the instructions and provide the required information: [LIST]
[*]the calendar name;
[*]the external calendar connection URL: [URL=][/URL] (this address must be the same as specified on your Android device);
[*]the same e-mail address and password you specified on the Android device.
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