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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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MailChimp Integration timeout, MailChimp Integration timeout
I'm trying to integrate with MailChimp. The instructions are very much self explaining
I entered the API key, as well as the list ID... I do have created a number of groups for this list..

Save and then nothing happens .. the 'saving animation' runs forever..

Am I doing something wrong ?
Calendar items displayed incorrectly on iOS / CALDAV agenda, Calendar items displayed incorrectly on iOS / CALDAV agenda
Dear Bitrix24 team, here is a problem with CALDAV calender integration :

when I schedule a meeting in Bitrix24 web-client (eg the Workshop on monday 18:00-21:00) it looks like

[url=]screenshot Bitrix24 client[/url]

However, when synced to the iPad using CALDAV, the same meeting looks like

[url=]week view[/url] and [url=]event detail[/url]

so instead of ending on Feb 17, 21:00, it ends on Feb 19 01:00

* my timezone is set manually to Brussels,
* the event is actually syncing, when I change the title, it syncs fin to the other end, it is only the end time that doens't work,
when I set the event to end at Feb 17 21:00 on the iPad, it always jumps forward to Feb19 01:00, ???
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