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Merge two leads
I set up a new lead in CRM
I then forwarded an email from the lead to bitrix24 however the lead had sent from another email address to that listed in the crm.
Is there a way I can merge the newly created lead with the existing one?
Thanks, Andy
Calendar on android app
I have bitrix24 on my android phone. The calendar only shows tomorrow's events and later, not todays.
Any thoughts?
Synchronising Google calendar with Outlook and Bitrix24, Synchronising Google calendar with Outlook and Bitrix24
Before using bitrix24 I used to synchronise my Calendar in my Outlook data file with my Google calendar.
I decided to use the same synchronisation software to sync my bitrix24 calendar which I have open in Outllok with the same Google calendar.
It all seems to work (i.e. my empty bitrix24 calendar in Outlook was populated from Google calendar) EXCEPT that the recurring events in Google did not get synchronised to Outlook.
Any thoughts - or any thoughts on how to achieve synchronisation between my Outlook, Google and Android phone ?
Thanks, Andy
Helpdesk module
OK....thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the self-hosted edition is too expensive for me to consider given my limited needs.
Helpdesk module
Is it possible to add the helpdesk module to the free edition of bitrix24?
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