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Is there a way to change which fields are visible depending on the type of Lead/Contact/Company?

I wanted to know if there was a way to change the visible fields in a CRM record depending on a particular value.

For instance, we use Contacts to keep track of clients, partners, employees-in-training, former employees, and so forth.

What i'd like to know if there is a way that if I set the field "Contact Type" to a specific value, like employee for example, then the other fields become shown or hidden.
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I'd like some help understanding a few things in the CRM (New to Bitrix24)
Thank you Yana :)
I'd like some help understanding a few things in the CRM (New to Bitrix24)
Hello Bitrix Community,

I am relatively new to using Bitrix, having dabbled with it a few times in the past, but never have I given it much serious thought until recently (and after becoming very familiar with the different CRM/ERP/Marketing Automation SaaS available on the market.) and now I am currently utilizing my time to get as much of the system setup for my company in the free version before we upgrade to one of the paid packages.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to utilize the knowledge base and the support page, there are some things that do not seem to be listed and/or I just cannot figure out.

I will list them here and try to be as thorough so as to receive the fullest answer as possible, most of these will be in-regards to the CRM

[B]Contact or company details templates:[/B]

- This area within the settings of the CRM is absolutely confusing to me. Within it I have two "Templates" called Legal Person, and Natural Person, as well as the option to add a new template.

- What is this used for? How does this work with Leads, Contacts and Companies?

- What is the benefit of using it?

- When setting up the exchange rate, I should set them up in relation to the default currency, correct?

Example: USD is my default currency, but I also use Euro. So I'll google 1 euro to usd, and then enter the exchange rate in to the system.

If this is not the way to setup currencies, then what is the proper way?

[B]Company Details:
- Is this option in the CRM settings to set up my own companies details in the CRM?

[B]What is the Difference between setting an activity from the Activities area and setting it up from the CRM Stream?[/B]

- Is there a value of doing it one way instead of the other?

[B]After taking a look at lists within Workgroups, I'd like to ask what exactly lists are meant to be used for?[/B]

Thank you for the help, I do highly appreciate it. I'm very excited to learn more about Bitrix and it's capabilities, but I just needed some help along the way.


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