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Managing email notifications
Anna Yakovleva wrote:
Hi,   Przemysław !

You can check your Subscription list in your profile
It is possible to set only Activity Stream's Subscription, by default email notification are off.
Also check your personal subscription on this page
*replace "yourcompany" on it's real name.

Email notification is sent by the messenger when an employee is away from the portal. If you're not authorized on your Bitrix24 portal and get a task or a message, notification will come to your email in 10 minutes.

At the moment it's impossible to switch off email notification entirely, but we've already set this task and will complete it in the near future.

Thank you for using Bitrix24!

Respectfully, Anna.

Hi Anna, I'm trying to setup email notifications when there is a new task created in a workgroup. I have tried your process however in the drop down menu beside user name it only has edit profile and invites and requests but cannot find subscription option. I also went to the link and changed setting to email notify, however it did not work. Please advise.
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