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Custom List field defaults to "No"
Great news, thanks to a very helpful developer at Bitrix24, the issue has been fixed now.
Since today you can choose the default value for an empty select field.

See attached:
Bug: MODIFY_BY_ID is not updated when updating record from the header
When I update a record (in this case a Quote) from the blue header in view mode, the record is saved and the MODIFY_DATE field is updated, but the MODIFY_BY_ID field is not updated.
Custom List field defaults to "No"
I now encountered an ever worse situation using a Yes/No dropdown.
I deliberately use a list instead of the standard Yes/No because it should be possible to leave the field unset.
Now the options shown are: no, Yes, No
Which is unusable for my client. Can this be fixed quickly please?!
Edited: Bo - 09/07/2016 16:23:58
Custom List field defaults to "No"
I defined a custom list field and added a few options to the list field.
When the field value is not yet selected, the value is empty ("") but in the edit view, the select box shows "no".
This is rather confusing. How can I change this to an empty string or something like "(not selected)"?
Edited: B24_6561589 - 09/05/2016 15:26:15
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