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CRM: Associating Leads with Companies, Functionality questiom

We just sel ected Bitrix and it seems to have same logical problem as most old school CRMs regarding leads:

in B2B sales the Contact and Companies must be able to be linked to Leads (suspects), Deals (prospects) and this is major PROBLEM and showstopper for us. It MUST be possible to bulk import thousands of Contacts and Companies with all their contact and market data details and this is not possible for leads.

[I]Is there any new data model available now 2016-08 or later to lead management or is it possible to link Leads to Contacts and Companies in private Bitrix server?

It must be so that when I sel ect company, Bitrix should show all connected leads, deals, actions, market statistics (segment, size of company) etc. It can not be only one direction fr om lead to existing company since account manager can not handle company that has several hundred contacts and leads without seeing all active leads in the company.[/I]

We have about 90.000 contacts' database and those leads and many of the contacts are additional people to same company and companies are also daughter companies to major enterprises.

Bitrix does not seem to handle several leads to same company and group of companies at all. It will generate additional email address only to existing lead if the lead name and contact is same and that is not the target. We want to import full contact details to all leads and icluding all company data and statistics about the company.

Additionally importing country fr om excel does not seem to work at all: i have tried several times. It is important that we can also select leads per continent, country and language and can generate lead and contact lists for emails and calls for certain continent.

Br, Pekka, CEO of a new IT startup
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