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Overview of Telephony Services Provided
Hello all,

I need some serious help here with the Telephony system setup. I have read several articles and we have the fully upgraded Bitrix system. I am going to need some elementary, near hold my hand through this.  We need to be able to call the clients within our CRM just by clicking the number. Currently, we have the Cisco SPA525G Voip phones that i am going to guess will work with the system but have not been able to set the phones up.  We are in a large corporate building that has several offices in them and were told that we cannot connect to the system via the companies PBX yet we have a company PBX code. I have reached out to support several times with no luck to help us get this setup.  So, if there is anyone out there that can help we would be very appreciative. We have no idea how to get this fixed and just need help.  My employees are currently dialing out of the Voip phones and this is killing their productivity and daily tracking.
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