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Date format conflict while importing leads, Custom date field does not map with imported data

Need some help to get started. I am trying to import bulk leads via a CSV file. I have created custom fields in the CRM - Leads section and one of the custom field is DOB (Date of Birth). The custom field type has been set to Date & Time.

In my CSV, I only have the Date of Birth without the time. When I try to import the data, it gives me a format mismatch for the date column and the import fails. The format in the CSV is mm-dd-yyyy.

I have tried changing the format in the CSV to the following without any luck:

mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss:
mm-dd-yyyy h:mm:ss AM/PM

I still continue to get the same error. Can you please help me out with the correct format for the DOB field in the CSV so that the import takes place?

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