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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Cant sync bitrix calendar in google agenda, cant sync my bitrix calendars on my google agenda or android agenda
I would like to see the Bitrix24 Calendars (personal and company) on my Google calendar.  Is this possible?  I really hope so because I've just about got Bitrix sold to my company controllers, but this is one hangup.  

Also, the phone app seems about useless in regards to the calendar.  It shows upcoming events, but I'm not able to see the calendar.  And I don't think I can see other calendars, such as the company calendar.  Am I missing something?  If I'm not able to see more on the APP, then integration to Google Calendar becomes all the more important.  
Description of List Field Types and Searchable Fields
Yana Prokopets wrote:
Type: specifies the filed value type;
Thanks Yana.  Do you know of a list of the different types and their descriptions?  
Description of List Field Types and Searchable Fields
For example, when creating a new list you need to add fields.  Each field has a type:  Name, List, Sort, Detailed Text, etc...  I'm looking for a description of each of these types and their attributes.  
Description of List Field Types and Searchable Fields
Hello,  I am trying to find a description for each list field type.  I know most of them are self-explanatory, but some of them have me scratching my head.  

I am trying to determine which field types are included in a search.  
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