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Custom fields and file uploads in mobile app
Hi there!

I was wondering if you could hide fields when creating CRM entries and set preferences for all users in the mobile app like how it works in the desktop environment. We will be making heavy use of the mobile app and we will be mostly using custom fields. As is, it looks quite cluttered with the many standard fields getting in the way of the fields we will actually be using so this feature would be very helpful. I'm not quite experienced using the mobile app yet so I was wondering if this was something already implemented or something planned for a coming update.


Mobile app. Notifications issues, No mobile notifications on new task (Android)
Thanks for the speedy response, but I was already aware of that menu. To clarify, I was asking about [I]mobile[/I] push notifications. The boxes for the push notifications of those features aren't toggleable (I can only change site and email notifications for those specific features, not push notifications which seem to be permanently disabled or unavailable), at least from my account which has admin status on our site. Is this just a bug or something I'm experiencing from my end? If not, would there be a reasonable timeline to expect these features to be implemented?

Thanks again,

Mobile app. Notifications issues, No mobile notifications on new task (Android)
Hi, it seems like push notifications aren't currently supported for business process, workgroups or crm notifications. I was wondering if this was something also currently in development as it would be quite useful to us, and if so, is there a current timeline the mobile app team is hoping to release these features?

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