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CRM: Reports
Hi Yana

Kindly advise on the below request
CRM: Reports
Hi Yana

Im not sure if this issue was brought up on other threads here, and if it has been resolved but see below my query.

When exporting reports from CRM to excel i notice the format doesnt pull through correctly

For example lets say i draw a " Deals Won " report from Bitrix, if i try to auto sum the values on the "Amount of won deals" column not everything pulls through...

See attached example

At first i thought it could be the dot (.) or the comma (,) that you use a decimal point to separate Rands and Cents (Our currency),i tried those and still amounts did not pull through correctly.

1) The actual value for the first deal is R 45 152,00 but on the excel report it shows R 45,15.
2) The actual value for the second deal is R 471 762,72 but the format on excel has the dot and comma in the value when i checked the amount on bitrix it "471762,72"

On top of that you can only export in " Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet " format maybe if you export in other formats it will pull through correctly on excell

This is a fantastic system if this issue can be resolved it will save us all the hassle and waste of time going through bitrix and excel to compare and adjust prices for each deal to the correct value.

Kindly assist ASAP

Keep well
Edited: Cherade Naidoo - 07/02/2016 15:46:35
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