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Import contacts in iOS or Android
[QUOTE]Claudio Tassitano wrote:
I am trying to import Bitrix Leads (or even Contacts) into my mobile devices (iPhone 6 / Note 3) and I've tried the two methods I learnt about here : exporting everything to CSV and importing in Google Contacts, but there are some note fields with line breaks that mess up the import, and then the CardDAV method that works, but imports only the contacts of the Bitrix administrators, and not the Contacts I have created promoting some of my Leads to Contacts.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!

Dear friend,
I want to provide you a simple way to solve this problem. Just try Phone Transfer. It can not only help you copy contacts to your iPhone 6 / Note 3 but also enables you to transfer text messages, photos, videos, music, app, call logs, calendar, apps data, and more data type in batches with one click.
I really hope this can give you a hand.

Christian Hannah
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