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Hide Activity Stream Messages
We would like the ability to hide a message from an individuals activity stream until/unless a new comment is added. Then, a separate link to hidden messages with the ability to unhide would be useful.
Make Tags Feature More Versatile
Also, is there a way to add tags by using a # instead of having to click on the tags button? This would work the way using the @ works for mentions. Would like this capability to tag replies, not just original messages.
Make Tags Feature More Versatile
Make the tags feature more versatile by saving them for future use in tasks and conversations. Also add a section on the left sidebar where you can "follow" certain tags to see all messages with a specific tag. See attached image of how a task management program does this
Feature Requests
1. The ability to export tasks and conversations to PDF would be a very helpful solution to my company. Right now we just print the page as we would a web page, but the font of the conversation is very small and we do not need to see the side bars in the print outs.

2. In groups, add a case or ticketing system. I.E. a public group for the employees to submit tickets to IT. IT then can delegate it to their department members and mark it pending or closed and add comments for the requester to see or private notes that are only shared between IT department members.
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