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Substituting name (top left corner) with logo or picture
Yana Prokopets wrote:
Dear Henri,

Now Bitrix24 users with commercial subscriptions can add a custom image (a company logo) in the top-left corner of their portal. To add a custom image (company logo), please log in to your Bitrix24 account as the portal admin, then go to Settings > Intranet Settings > [scroll down page] "Upload Logo".
Please note that the maximum dimensions for your logo should not exceed 222px by 55px.


Dear Yana,
we currently do have a Professional license, but I do not see the "Upload logo" where you said...
Do we have a limited or "non commercial" license?
Please advise.
Bruno Conte
Founder & CEO
Manager Non Profit
RSS Feed, Adding a RSS Feed to the Activity Stream
Ann Slyshkina wrote:
We haven't started any developments related to this integration yet, we are discussing the issue with Zapier.
Well, I think you should ASAP.
As stated today, these are the competing platforms that can generate triggers on Zapier:
- Insightly
- NutShell CRM
- Podio
- SalesForce
- SugarCRM
- Zoho CRM

I think you might accelerate a bit, du I think it would not be a mess for your programmers activating and/or accepting triggers.
Bruno Conte
Founder & CEO
Manager Non Profit
Italian language, Is possible used a italian language for bitrix24?
Alessandro Beltrami wrote:
hello, i´d like to use bitrix together with people that don´t understand english.
how can i switch the language setting to italian?
thanks, alessandro
Well, now we are at least "20" organizations liking to have Italian language being pushed ahead...
Bruno Conte
Founder & CEO
Manager Non Profit
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