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adding event doesn't add to calendar
I add an event to a lead or contact in crm such as meeting or appointment and it doesn't go to the calendar.  Is this by design.  If so is there a way to make it show.  Seems like certain things such as appointments should go to calendar.  Either way great product.
sms integration, Sms or texting integration
I checked out plivo.  It looks promising, I could switch over from twilio if numbers port.   That being said the app looks like it only allows texts from automation from only one plivo number with no ability to receive a reply back.   Is there eventually going to be the ability to communicate back and forth through texting with plivo app.  Seems like it should be a high priority with everyone texting these days.  

The twilio chat bot works fine for texting back and forth but again it only works with one number.  I can add multiple open channels to get around this I suppose and add new text bot for that one number that I am using in each channel.  Is there an easier way at this time.
Google Maps integration - showing leads, contacts and companies on map
+1 vote,   Id like to be able to add street view as well with a click.  Its pretty useful two other crms I use can do this but they still don't compare to bitrix.   So bitrix should stay ahead of the game.
sms integration, Sms or texting integration
Thanks for the response, but the webinar said twilio was going to be the provider built in.  When will that happen.  After the webinar I bought a bunch of twilio numbers and some other items to setup with bitrix, added the asterisk service and paid them to setup my phone service using that app as well as integrate with twilio so all numbers can be used for calls and texts.  Not being able to text with the same number as calls is a disconnect.

Bitrix is the best crm Ive found and can fit any business, that being said if twilio isn't happening I wish it wasn't mentioned in the webinar I just spent quite a bit getting ready for it.  I also started the pro trial because of it and assuming twilio does come to the platform I will keep the 200 a month plan.  If not Im not sure what Ill do go back to free or the maybe the lightest paid version.  

Either way you guys do great work. Hope to see twilio very soon.
sms integration, Sms or texting integration
I saw the latest webinar for coming soon items and it mentioned sms through twilio coming soon.  Has this happened or is it not happening now.  I know it can be done through a bot but its fairly limiting to use the bot.  Im not really sure how to create a text dialogue with a client using the bot.  The webinar said mass texting and other items specifically called out twilio which is one of the services I use already and probably a top 3 provider of this type of service so it would be a good choice.
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Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24
Heres the image for the example above.
Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24
I Don't understand the difference between the email integration icon and the crm email account (company email)  There is also the personal which I believe I have correct.    I have setup the first two and they both seem to work.  The company crm email created a lead from an email to [][/URL] The personal email I haven't tried but seems like its hooked up. What is the point of the email integration when the other one works fine as imap. Tried to add an image to clarigy but didn't work. These icons are under crm- settings- email
There is also the contact email under my profile which I just used hotmail for.

I haven't been getting emails from the task reminders.  Which email would it be getting sent from.  I have setup tasks with reminders that come from a message and that remind by email for testing.  The message reminders work and show up under notifications.  The email reminders never show.  What email is the system sending from and to for task reminders.
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