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Xero Integration, Adding integration to cloud based accounting
Can integration to product like Xero be considered to provide a total business solution. Ideally should be able to account details held in Xero inside Bitrix24. Refer to
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
1. Thanks for the reply and I appreciate given the stage that your at that this is not a priority but if can be addressed in the future that would be great. From a data perspective and an importing and exporting point of view a layout in individual lines is better e.g.
Building Name (optional but often useful)
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3

2. Alternatively work with one of the international address validators. I was just looking at this site [url][/url] and if you look at the salesforce demo that say they offer a free plugin for de-duping contacts and address validation. There lots of these out there though although usually it costs.

Designing database products to enhance or promote data quality makes the product more usable and it makes importing and exporting of data much easier as well.

Similar case could be made of phone number layouts but that could be for another post :)
Edited: David Living - 09/03/2012 16:11:13
Export / Import process, Export / Import process
Importing a CSV file and Unicode (or UTF-8) problem

[QUOTE]For novice users is this the way to do things? Which isn't easy for a novice by the way.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]SOLUTION:
The only "easy way" of doing this is as follows. First, realize that there is a difference between [U]what is displayed[/U] and [U]what is kept hidden[/U] in the Excel .csv file.

(1) Open an Excel file where you have the info (.xls, .xlsx)
(2) In Excel, choose "CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv) as the file type and [B]save as [/B]that type.
(3) In NOTEPAD (found under "Programs" and then Accessories in Start menu), open the saved .csv file in Notepad
(4) Then choose -> Save As..and at the bottom of the "save as" box, [B]there is a sel ect box labelled as "Encoding". [/B]Select [B]UTF-8[/B] ([U]do NOT use ANSI or you lose all accents etc[/U]). After selecting UTF-8, then save the file to a slightly different file name fr om the original.

This file is in UTF-8 and retains all characters and accents and can be imported, for example, into MySQL and other database programs.[/QUOTE]
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Great product but I don't understand why companies build database products that allow addresses to be stored badly. The use of a single address block vs individual address lines causes data to get into a mess. Maintaining contact information for organisations and contacts should be easy to keep tidy. End users are bad enough at taking shortcuts but when they are allowed to enter data in poorly laid out address fields it compounds the problem.
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