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Auto-fill contact names in Leads?, Matching contacts are found- how do you choose them?
Hi Yana,
Typically in real life the process is
a) We first meet people - and enter the contact information into a CRM system - therefore entering them and creating contacts of all people we meet or get data is the first step in the CRM
b) and then we contact them - and if they are interested - this becomes a lead, therefore we should be able to sel ect existing contact and company in Lead.
c) Post this lead - if the discussion progresses then we give a quote with a $ value - and it becomes an opportunity which goes through various sales stages which we can change in the CRM - most of the companies follow certain models - one of them e.g. stages are (stages differ fr om company to company and we should be able to track the Opportunity funnel (Value) for each stage.

i) Suspect (all contacts can be suspects)
ii) Prospect (you have spoken and they are interested in discussions)
iii) RFI/RFP - stage - and so on

Please suggest how can we follow the above process in your system.

Best regards
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