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Customising my invoice Items, Is Bitrix24 CRM dynamic enough to accommodate different patterns of invoicing?
I am launching a CRM process via Bitrix24, and I need to make adjustments to my Invoice Items. The current process is; i.e, Name, Quantity, Price, Subtotal, which is calculated as (Subtotal = Price x Quantity).  My company mostly calculate our invoicing in the following manner; i.e, Name, CPM, Price, Subtotal. Our calculation for this pattern is (Subtotal = Price x CPM / 1000). And sometimes we calculate using your current process; i.e, Name, Quantity, Price, Subtotal, which is totally based on the product that the client is purchasing. So my question is, is there a way to make changes or alter the current process at any time depending on the product that is being purchased?
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