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Invoice pdf and printing missing data, Missing fields on invoice pdf view
Really struggling to see the up side to Bitrix invoicing compared to all the other CRM's on the market.

Being able to have your banking details on an invoice is pretty basic and would be expected by the majority of people wanting to use the invoicing feature.

Most companies in the UK would need to have the following on the form:

VAT Registration No
Company House Registration No
Bank account holder name
Bank Name
Sort Code
Account No
Invoice No
Invoicing To details inc company name & address
Our company address
Our telephone number
VAT displayed

I have now spent the best part of half a day trying to work around the un-intuitive setup for adding the information for my own company, then trying to work out how it is supposed to be pushed to the invoicing form.

Now seeing users have been struggling with this since 2014. $5000 dollars does not seem such a good investment after all.

Which is a shame, seems you had a great product but don't have the right setup to keep it moving forward.

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