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Traditional Chinese Language support
Where can I download the language pack (Traditional Chinese, and simplified) for the self-hosted version?
Bitrix24 Self Hosted license different, BizPace Edition V.S. Business
Hi support,
   What is the features different of between BizPace Edition and  Business-50?
[solved] Download bitrix24 Installation Wizard
I need to help my client to install the Bitrix24 self-hosted version.  Where can I downlaod the Bitrix24 installation wizard and the additional source code? Or we need to sign up something before installation?  

My client shall use Windows 2012 Server for the self-hosted server.


Update ; Solved.  Thanks
Edited: Dennis Wu - 05/25/2017 06:27:40
External SMTP Server Support
We are Bitrix24 vendor in Hong Kong.  Our clients using Bitrix24 reflect they want can be configure any outgoing SMTP service for themselves.  They want to know whether the bounce email occurred, but now we have no way to detect bounced emails.

Looking forward to hear from you!
How to get "Created_By user" email address in the WorkFlow?
How to get "Created_By user" email address in the WorkFlow?
Currency display leave blank for Chinese Traditional
If I change the system language to Chinese Traditional (中文(繁體)), the display of the currency in all CRM forms leave blank.  How to add currency display for the Chinese Traditional ?  Thanks.
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