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Invoice custom fields, Add custom fields to the invoice edit screen
we are a digital agency and we have no standard products or standard pricing models. It could be monthly, weekly, per sprint, one off or or in multiple times.
If we would create products for each individual case, we will have a database of 10000s of products in no time and it would become unmanageable.

What my question is is if we can add 2 custom list fields to the invoice edit screen.
- how many invoices does this deal need?
- what are the corresponding amounts?

Please tell me how I can do this.
Search and Task features
Hi Yana,

I am trying to add custom fields to tasks in the SAAS solution. Is this not possible?
Email import, Gmail merge and backtrack
I have connected my work email address but I would like to have the CRM system check my email back log and add the emails to the contacts that have already been made in the past.

So a simple cross check within the gmail database with the contact database and then add the emails as activities.

How can I do this?
Add linkedin field, Add Linkedin field in websites section for company & contact
Could you add a default field for LinkedIn in the contact and company websites.

It would also be great if the images from both pages could be used as the avatar/photo.
Detailed address fields, specify country etc.
We work in several countries and I would like to specify the country in the 'about company' page so I can also filter on this or use a report only based on country.

Is this possible?
Feature: Address Information
Like this feature as well!
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