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cant choose email template
my question here is, when i receive an email via send&save, and want to reply to this, i cannot choose an email template.
i can only choose an email template when writing a new email.

any ideas?
multiple contacts for leads
following situation:
we have a new lead, for each new lead we receive an automatic email.
the lead came first from info@...
then an employee from blahblah@ decided to chime in and we are now talking with him.
as it is very possible that during a lead evaluation process we write emails with multiple corresponding people from that company, the problem is it's only possible to add one email adress for a lead.

any ideas?
Emails to Clients
So when I am sending an email to a client through send&save, it appears that the email that the client receives, the return-to email address is the same address of the client, meaning when he replies to the email which i have sent through the CRM, gmail automatically enters the email of the client.

does this make sense, and does anyone else have this problem?
Project Management Features Roadmap, Could you please share the development roadmap for new PM features if any?
any chances of bitrix publishing a roadmap and when new features will be released, and which updates / features you great people are working on?
i think this is very attractive for customers of bitrix...
no opportunities
well i guess generally there is a difference between deals and opportunities.
an opportunity is a qualified lead, kinda like an unclosed deal. does that make sense?
and with opportunities one would have the possibility to make a new "deal" (in this case an opportunity) for an exisiting customer.
no opportunities
hello there,
is there a reason why bitrix does not work with opportunities?
get rid of codes in emails (send&save)
are there any plans to get rid of these codes that are necessary to pair emails with contacts within bitrix?
is there no other way to solve this?
Delete Lead and keep contact info, I want to delete a lead but keep the contact/company on record
i think this would be nice!
Drive structures are confusing
yeah, that makes sense with the drive and accessibility.
i was confused by this "tree", because technically these files from the project groups belong to the group and not to me.
expand activity stream
i think this would nevertheless be necessary.
maybe the best way to keep it user friendly is to be able to filter all these kinds of notifications.
so that way if you don't want to see what's going on in the drive, you can just filter it out.
or a way to "subscribe" to different notifications.
expand activity stream
it would be great if the activity stream would actually include all activities... (renaming files, moving files, and everything else that is possible in bitrix...)
Setting up email from Custom Hosting Provider
yes, I agree with everyone else.
Bitrix is GREAT, but i can't understand why this basic-feature is missing...
any updates yet?
I find it a very very important feature with high priority...

adding activity to stream and linking to another company does not work!
Okay thank you.
I have contacted the help desk.
Drive structures are confusing
but is there a chance that when a colleague opens this "file tree", that there are different folders?
I figured that these Project-Group Standard folders (in my case: "Software", "Sales", "Customer Care", "AFFTIX-Allgemein" as well as "Account Mgmt") belong to the COMPANY and not to MY account...?
i was just wondering how often a backup is made of each cloud?
just in case something bad were to happen to our bitrix, how can we restore it?

adding a file to a stream and saving it
hi there,
now a different situation:

i was working within the activity stream of a company, and went to upload a file.
when clicking on "Gespeichert" I can choose the folder I want to upload it to:


though even though i choose a different folder, it does not get uploaded to that selected folder.
it appears to be uploaded to my personal downloads folder...

this is not correct, or is it?
adding activity to stream and linking to another company does not work!
     hello there,
following situation:

i was working within the activity stream of a deal and when adding a message, i have the option to choose the recipients of tha tmessage.
by default, the name of the deal, in which i am working, is included as a recipient.
though, i have the opportunity to add other items, so i added a company that is working together on this deal, in hoping that this activity information would appear on their own activity stream as well.

this is not the case.

is it possible to make this happen?

Drive structures are confusing
Hi there,
I'm a bit confused.
When I for example want to move a file, the file structures are shown as:


The folders "Software", "Sales", "Customer Care", "AFFTIX-Allgemein" as well as "Account Mgmt" are not MY (Brown) folders, but rather are the automatically created folders from the project groups.

Is this correct? They should not be listed under my name, but rather under the company, or?

this seems to be causing some user-right-problems...
Where/how to best write minutes of meeting
Meeting's are available in the paid versions?
Links to Photgraphs in Deals, Deal custom fields for clickable link to dropbox or Bitrix24 drive
hello again,
i'm still confused, when I click on a document chosen through the custom fields, i am required to choose between different info blocks elements.

Groups, Users, and Documents

What is the reason for this?

And still, when I choose the document, I am forwarded to the users or group's page, and the file is not downloaded or opened.
Any ideas?
new custom fields (leads) all of a sudden?
All of a sudden these new fields show up in my lead overview...

"Element Last Modified On:"
"Element Created On"

These are fields which i did not add,
are these now standard (maybe with a new update?)

Create new docs in Bitrix
you guys really are great, i'm glad to have found you last month.
it would be even better to see this kind of roadmap (maybe blog...) of what features are coming next, and when the next releases are :-)
Looking for advice (BP + automatic emailing)
i have the following situation for example:

i have set up a BP to send an automatic email response for new leads. (ex: thanks for your interest, we'll get back to you...)
the problem is - a new lead is created for any incoming email address, which is not recognized by bitrix.
in the case that a new employee of one of the client companies set up in bitrix sends us an email, their email address won't be recognized by bitrix since they are a new employee and thus their email address isn't added as a contact to that company.
this email will be treated as a new lead and thus sending the automatic BP email response out (thanks for your interest)

this is not true, because the email is from a client (whose company already exists) and does not have an interest in joining our program.

any tips on how i might be able to solve this?

Retrieve emails from more than one address?
is it, or could it ever, be possible to use bitrix to receive emails from two different email adresses?
Does the app work on Ubuntu as well?
has anyone tried yet to see if the bitrix desktop app also works on ubuntu?

Create new docs in Bitrix
How does this work, when you pass suggestions to the dev team?
What is the chance of some things being worked on?
Do you happen to have a road map of features that are being worked on, so that we, as customers, can have something to look forward to :-)

Where is the workflow?
Hmm, but I do have some BPs that are running but don't see this Workflow section anywhere...
integration with Sharepoint
I'm not sure I understand, what do you mean by Lists sections?

Where is the workflow?
In the following screenshot taken fr om a screenshot on this page:

wh ere can i find this workflow?
this seems to be different than business process, is that correct?

integration with Sharepoint
hello there!
I realize that it is possible to edit documents using Office Online or GDocs,
but is it possible to synchronize the drive with the drive of MS Sharepoint?

Or the calendars?

Drive for Companies, Add Drive feature for company
We absolutely need something like this!
The ability to manage documents directly relating to the company / or project/deal.

For now we have to use the follwoing workaround:
Maintain a separate file structure in the normal drive that uses folders which relate to the corresponding companies / deals...

Any idea when this could be added?
Create new docs in Bitrix
     as of now, I have only been able to create new documents by using the activity stream (new post including a document), there you have the option of creating a new document.

Is there any other way?

For example, it would be practical to have a button under "Drive" or even under "New" up on the upper lefthand corner (there is already "New -> Upload files"). And then have the abilitiy to create a new document, either using the local program on the cmputer or office or gdocs...

it seems funny, that there is no other way to do this?
Resources + Calendar
Sure, here are some more details.

First, an example fr om a different software that has this capability.




So basically a short explanation of how we would like to use this:

We offer our clients to rent out ipads and other tech items for their events.
We need to be able to always see wh ere iPad 01 is, and when Scanner 03 available is.

If possible, it would even be great to include a daily price for these (it's not a typical inventory product in this case, because there is no running-inventory, its more like you can check this item in and also check it out).

Does that make sense?
It needs in this case to be linked to the corresponding crm element...

I really really really hope that you guys can add this in the very near future :-)
I'm sure others can make use of this too, as well!
BP + Task Due Dates (non-date-specific), create task due date due in "X" days from creation

is it in any way possible to create within a BP a task whose due date is not a specific CALENDAR DATE but rather a Date in X number of days from the time of creation?

Does that make sense?

BP + Emails
And is it possible to use an HTML Email as an auto-email through a BP?
BP + Emails
I'm curious as to what this feature does, (BP -> Send Email)


Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window
I also support these ideas, it would be an important necessity for all these above-mentioned features.
BCC, CC, SMTP Server...

When could this be completed?

Also, does Bitrix have a "roadmap"? That would be really great, just so your customers can see what you are currently working on and what we can look forward to :-)

Business Process: Create Task (and include checklist?!)
is it possible, or how can i, include a task checklist within an automated task (created with a business process)?

Link files with CRM items
     Is it possible to connect certain files from the bitrix drive with the corresponding crm elements (be it a company, or job, or contact/lead)?

this would be really great and necessary for us...
Links to Photgraphs in Deals, Deal custom fields for clickable link to dropbox or Bitrix24 drive
hello guys,
i like this solution, of using the custom field (file) to connect a company, etc to a document.
I see, that this is somehow possible, but when i click on this file in the company overview, it links me to the user's page?!

Is that the problem spot you are all talking about?

would be really great to be able to click on this document (which was chose from bitrix's drive) and be able to arrive at the document's details page and be able to preview the document (or open with windows, gdocs, etc...)

Edited: Zac Brown - 04/22/2014 19:10:46
Resources + Calendar
     Hello there!
Up until now I have been using a different groupware system and am changing to Bitrix.
One thing that we would definitely need to make the move would be a way to manage our resources (not HR resources, but rather inventory).

For example electronics... A way to book an iPad or a Printer to an event, and have this continued to be linked to a deal / company etc.

This would be easiest in a calendar.

Is this already possible, if so, how? Or how could one go about adding this as an important feature request?

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