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Screen sharing
Thank you, this solved the problem in fact, but only partially.
This is the screen view I get in Bitrix, I can share only 1 screen, but it still does not allow to maximize the window and the shared screen is unreadable and of low resolution. The view should allow full-screen mode like Skype does

Another problem is that when I pick one of the screens to share, the other one automatically turns off - also for me as the screen sharer. I very often multitask, so I need to share one screen during the call and simultaneously work on the other one not showing its view to chat participants.
Screen sharing
Any update when it comes to a full-screen view?
My screen view is unreadable.
Edited: Agnieszka Malesińska - 09/22/2016 13:10:33
Repeated posts within a dedicated group
Can I create a post on a particular group's wall which will be repeated (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)?
Actually it's goal is to remind my team about the performance reports - should it be a post, or there's a better solution to it?
Edited: Agnieszka Malesińska - 09/02/2016 10:09:24
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